Q: Can I visit your site and sit in on a class before I join as a member?

A: Yes, you are most welcome to visit us, please contact the Membership Coordinator from the Contact Us page to schedule a time.

Q: Do I need to be onsite with my child?

A: Yes. NLLC does not provide supervision. We have no paid staff. It is vital that all children are accompanied by their parent/guardian or caregiver. Parents are entirely responsible for their children’s safety and well-being at the Learning Center and associated programs. Every child at NLLC must be accompanied by their parent or by another adult acting as their parent (in loco parentis).

Q: Can I bring younger siblings? What if the younger child won’t sit quietly and I need to be in the room with my older child?

A: Younger siblings are welcome, and there is space for younger children to play quietly while their siblings are in class. Arrangements are frequently made between parents to share supervision of each other’s children when they are in different locations on site. For example, one parent may watch 2 toddlers on the playground, while the other parent attends a program with two older children. All arrangements are made by agreement between two willing parents.

Q: Can I pay the yearly fee in installments? Do I have to commit to the full amount, or can I pay one-third and see each session what we want to do before paying for the next?

A: Members are expected to register for the full year, however, you may pay your $415 fee in installments by contacting the Financial Coordinator to make arrangements prior to the payment deadline.A: Members are expected to register for the full year, however, you may pay your fee in installments by contacting the Financial Coordinator to make arrangements prior to the payment deadline. New members only may join for one session as “trial members” and pay one-third the annual fee with no obligation to continue. Otherwise, for two or more sessions members are obligated to pay the full yearly membership fee, and for one session members must pay half of the yearly membership fee.

Q:Is there a way to be involved with the NLLC community if you are not a full-time member?

A: Yes, you are able to pay $75/per session (8 weeks of classes). We also offer many clubs ($2/per child a week) every session (examples: Domino Club, Basket Ball, Word Games Club, Big Dig Garden Club, Young Naturalist Field Experiences Club, Minecraft Awesome Club and Playgroup at the Children’s Garden).

Q: What activities/classes are available for my child’s age group?

A: A listing of current programs can be found on the website under the Classes tab, under Current Programs. Each program provides a description of the appropriate age or skill level.

Q: How do I enroll my child in programs?

A: When the enrollment period opens, the Enrollment Coordinators will send an email out on the listserv with a link to the enrollment page. There are detailed directions on that page for how to enroll your child. Please note that you may not enroll until after you have made payment arrangements and submitted your contribution by the deadlines. If you miss the deadlines, you may be able to enroll after all other members IF you contact the Financial and/or Alternate Contribution Coordinator immediately. In this case, your child will not have priority in enrollment, and can only enroll in classes in which there is space left.

Q: What if my child is interested in a program but does not fall into the age range specified?

A: Please contact the enrollment coordinator before enrolling your child if they are outside of a specified age range. The enrollment coordinator will determine if it is acceptable for your child to enroll in that program. However, if the program description specifically states that you may contact the leader directly about exceptions to the age range, then you may do so.

Q: What if we get waitlisted for a class? What happens then?

A: If any of the students decide to drop the class, the Enrollment Coordinators will offer that spot to the next child in line. Where your child is on the list depends on how they ranked the program when enrolling.

Q: I am a little confused about what is considered a “contribution.” Do I have to lead a class?

A: New members are exempt from making a contribution in their first session (though they should still submit the Alternate Contribution Form online with “new member” as the contribution). After the first session, every member is expected to contribute. An adequate contribution is limited to the following: Leading a 4-10 week class; field trip or event series, coordinating a major event open to the broader community, hosting a regular weekly or bi-monthly social function for children or adults; serving on the Board of Directors; serving in a coordinator position; co-leading a 8-10 week program in an equal role with the other leader; or a contribution for which you have received prior board approval. An equivalent combination of contributions will be acceptable as well.

Q: I am a little intimidated about leading a class, and/or at a loss for ideas. Where can I go for help?

A: Guidelines for organizing a program can be found on the website at http://portal.nllchs.org/member/planning. Programs from past years can be found at  http://nllchs.org/classes/previous-programs/ and provide a wealth of ideas and inspiration! More information about leader responsibilities is at  http://portal.nllchs.org/member/leaders. You may wish to team up with a more experienced leader to co-lead a class, which is considered a contribution.

Q: Can we use Northern Light Learning Center classes on my homeschool paperwork?

A: Yes, but for only up to half of the required hours. See the New York State homeschooling regulations athttp://nyhen.org/regs.htm. Other NLLC parents can be a great source of information and advice about navigating the homeschooling regulations.