Q: Can I visit your site and sit in on a class before I join as a member?

A: Yes, you are most welcome to visit us, please contact the Membership Coordinator from the Contact Us page to schedule a time.

Q: Do I need to be onsite with my child?

A: Yes. NLLC does not provide supervision. We have no paid staff. It is vital that all children are accompanied by their parent/guardian or caregiver. Parents are entirely responsible for their children’s safety and well-being at the Learning Center and associated programs. Every child at NLLC must be accompanied by their parent or by another adult acting as their parent (in loco parentis).

Q: Can I bring younger siblings? What if the younger child won’t sit quietly and I need to be in the room with my older child?

A: Younger siblings are welcome, and there is space for younger children to play quietly while their siblings are in class. Arrangements are frequently made between parents to share supervision of each other’s children when they are in different locations on site. For example, one parent may watch 2 toddlers on the playground, while the other parent attends a program with two older children. All arrangements are made by agreement between two willing parents.

Q:Is there a way to be involved with the NLLC community if you are not a full-time member?

A: Yes, you may take classes at an increased fee from the membership fee each session; non-member class fee is $50.  You may also attend our four quarterly events at the non-member prices.

Q: What activities/classes are available for my child’s age group?

A: A listing of current programs can be found on the website under the Classes tab, under Current Programs. Each program provides a description of the appropriate age or skill level.

Q: How do I enroll my child in programs?

A: When the enrollment period opens, an enrollment form will be posted on our website under the “current programs” classes page for non-members and under the member tab for members.  An email will be sent to both members and local homeschooling email lists to inform people that enrollment is open.

Q: What if my child is interested in a program but does not fall into the age range specified?

A: Please contact the leader of the program to ask for special permission.  Leaders have sole discretion in determining exceptions to the age range.

Q: Can we use Northern Light Learning Center classes on my homeschool paperwork?

A: Yes, but for only up to half of the required hours. See the New York State homeschooling regulations athttp://nyhen.org/regs.htm. Other NLLC parents can be a great source of information and advice about navigating the homeschooling regulations.