Member contribution and fee:

Membership duties include a member contribution, such as teaching a class, and an annual fee. The family membership fee is charged on a sliding scale of $415.00 – $600.00 per year which includes all 3 sessions. We are committed to keeping Northern Light an affordable option for all homeschoolers – financial assistance may be available. Membership fees go directly to rent, insurance, and shared resources. Our cooperative contribution requirement is a way of ensuring that work is fairly distributed within the organization. We are sharing our time, energy, and skills to build a supportive learning community. There are many ways to contribute, including leading or coordinating a class series, planning a community event, hosting a social group or club, doing administrative support, or even helping with cleaning or childcare. The Membership application includes a full list of options and form to fill out.

When to join:

Normally members must join at the beginning of a session; sometimes there will be a waiting list. See the Timeline for session dates.

To learn more about membership:

To find out more about joining Northern Light, please contact the Membership Coordinator from the Contact Us page or see our FAQ.

Trial Membership:

New families may opt for a one-time trial membership to see if our center is a good fit. This allows them to take their first session at one third the annual cost (sliding scale $138.34-200.00) with no further obligation if they choose not to continue for a second session. During your trial membership no contribution is required and your child may take unlimited classes, clubs and attend special events. Subsequent membership comes with the usual annual obligations.

One-Class Option:

You can also try out one class at Northern Light with our One Class Option.   [All programs are closed for the 2016 Spring session with the exception of clubs.]  

You are allowed to choose an unlimited number of clubs (club fee $2/class day), but only one class for the One-Class Option. There is a $75 fee. The fee for one class options with an instructor fee is $50 plus whatever the instructor fee is.
See the list of Current Programs to see what’s available. Please read the requirements (age range & prerequisites) for the class. Most of the classes have a limit on the number of students, we’ll let you know as soon as possible if you get into the class. Filled classes are marked “FULL” in red.

After choosing a class, please email the Enrollment Coordinator from the Contact Us page with your name, email and the class/clubs you are interested in.