REGISTRATION for Non-Members for Spring 2017 will begin March 21st and end March 31st.  If you are interested in being notified when the Spring classes are posted to this page, please send an email to


Curious if NLLC will work for your family or don’t want to commit to a full membership? We have options for you! You can participate in NLLC programs without becoming a member in two ways:
  • CLUBS!  Attend as many of our clubs as you like.  Clubs have a per family fee of $2 per club meeting that is given to the instructor either at each club meeting or at the first meeting as a lump sum for the entire session.
  • WORKSHOPS! This spring we are offering workshops
  • This spring we are offering workshops, more academic or educational than a club, but with only one meeting.  You may chose up to 4 workshops (at $12.50 each).”
  • ONE-CLASS OPTION! For each child, you may choose ONE class during the session. For each child, the fee is $50 for the session.  There may be an additional fee for supplies or for an outside instructor, read the description of the class to find out.  Please note that any class that is listed as YEAR-LONG requires a commitment for all three trimesters and an up-front payment of the One-Class Option Fee for all three trimesters.