Who we are:

The Northern Light Learning Center is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization. Our primary purpose is to build a cooperative learning community that expands the educational and social opportunities for homeschoolers in the Ithaca area. We coordinate a regular schedule of classes and events, maintain a central gathering space, and organize shared resources. NLLC is a safe and supportive environment. Here, adults and children of all ages can share their lives and learn together in ways that are fun, engaging, and meaningful.

Our Program:

Our programming is organized seasonally, including classes on a wide range of subjects, gatherings, and community events. Membership requires a reasonable annual fee that provides members with access to four major events throughout the year, such as a kids’ market day, a Halloween party, homeschool talent showcase, etc.  There is no required contribution of time but many members choose to offer classes. Members have advance access to classes offered at an additional reduced fee.

Our Space:

NLLC is located in the lower level of the St. Paul’s Methodist Church at the corner of Court St. and Aurora St. (402 N Aurora St, Ithaca, NY 14850) in downtown Ithaca. Our space includes 2 classrooms and a gymnasium. This range of spaces can accommodate many types of activities, small or large, focused or energetic. Some programs may be offered offsite as they may have special requirements that cannot be met at our downtown location.